First to Kill (The Nathan McBride Series)

Ten years ago, a botched mission in Nicaragua ended covert ops specialist Nathan McBride’s CIA career. Now he utilizes his unique skill set in the private sector—until the night Frank Ortega, former director of the FBI, calls in a favor. A deep-cover federal agent has vanished, along with a ton of Semtex explosives, and Ortega needs them found—fast. Because for him, this mission is personal: the missing agent is his grandson. And Nathan McBride is the only man he trusts to save him.

But it quickly becomes clear that something bigger than even Ortega could have imagined is at stake. Within days of accepting the assignment, McBride finds himself trapped between a ruthless adversary hell-bent on revenge and a group of high-ranking federal officials who will stop at nothing to reap their own brand of justice. Here there are no rules, no protocol, no backup. Only McBride…

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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  1. Action thriller readers will love Andrew Peterson’s debut! If you are a fan of action thrillers, Andrew Peterson’s debut, FIRST TO KILL, won’t disappoint. The plot is jump-started right from the beginning with a harrowing prologue, and from then on, get ready for a fast-paced ride with the hero of the story, Nathan McBride. As a former Marine sniper and covert CIA operative, Nathan has experienced a large amount of violence in his life, both as victim and as perpetrator. This makes for a very interesting, conflicted — and yet very likable –…

  2. A strong first novel! It’s a shame some people feel the need to trash a great book, and this is a great book. It’s averaging 4-1/2 stars for a good reason, it rocks! Nathan McBride is an extremely amiable hero who doesn’t seek praise or recognition. He doesn’t need it, he’s comfortable in his own skin. He despises bullies and stands-up for the little guy, even if it costs him personally. In FIRST TO KILL, he takes on an assignment for a friend with no expectation except to do the right thing. We see him in action…

  3. Reacher and McBride are cut from the same cloth! This is Andrew Peterson’s first book?? Man, it’s an impressive read! A lot of times, I’m told that I’d like a book because the hero is a lot like Jack Reacher, my favorite literary character. So far, in the past, the main character is nothing like Reacher. Now let me introduce you do Nathan McBride, who is cut from the same cloth Jack Reacher is from. Honestly, that’s a very high praise. If you know who Jack Reacher is, then you know what kind of guy McBride is. A nice guy with a heart of…

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