Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Master Internet Marketing and Achieve: *FREE BONUS of ‘SEO 2016’ Included!* (Business Marketing, Online Business)

FACEBOOK: The Most Powerful Internet Marketing Tool of the 21st Century

A colossal entity with almost 1 billion daily users interacting with each other and checking their newsfeed for updates about the world – any smart digital entrepreneur will recognize the the utmost importance of effectively using Facebook – the most powerful form of social media – to their advantage.

What might first appear as a friendly, simple tool for modern social interaction, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most complex marketing forms of the current age.

Additionally, if you simply sit on the knowledge of established techniques without taking the initiative to keep your knowledge fresh, then you will soon find yourself a Facebook novice once more.

Facebook Marketing 2016 is your Comprehensive, Must-Have Guide on how master the complex labyrinth of Facebook to Optimize your Internet Marketing Efforts to Yield the Greatest Results for your product or business.

Publisher’s Note: This expanded edition of Facebook Marketing 2016 includes interactive images/graphics + fresh NEW CONTENT to bring you up to date with the most current and effective techniques on the market.

Gain an In-Depth Understanding of:

Organic vs. Inorganic ContentThe Facebook Reach & Facebook Boost System, Promoted Posts and Native AdvertisingSimple FB Strategies to Reach Maximum TrafficCurrent EdgeRank DevelopmentsStructure of a Campaign Advertising System: Affinity, Weight & Time DecayFacebook Insights – Metrics & Pages to WatchHow to Master Advanced Facebook Strateges: FB Conversion Pixel, FB Custom Audience Pixel, FB Retargeting, FB Conversion Testing & FB Conversion Lift Tests8 Most Recent Facebook Advances & The Importance of Staying CurrentFind Facebook’s Free 34-part Marketing E-learning CourseWhere to Access Latest Facebook News & UpdatesFB Profile Development, Ads Manager Apps, Powerful Complementing Marketing OptionsDozens of Proven, Insider Facebook TipsMaster the Most Complex Facebook Marketing AlgorithimsBonus: Top Facebook ResourcesMuch, much more!

Check out How Others Have Benefited:

“After searching different blogs/youtube videos for the past month to learn how to boost my new companies site on Google and other search engines I decided I needed something that includes everything in a much more structured process to follow and this book delivered my just that and has been very easy to learn from so far. I have been able to format my content much better and optimize it more effectively so I am targeting precisely and creating accessible/ unique content.

A great book overall and I really hope to be able to purchase a 2nd book from Kenneth Lewis soon to take me through the more advanced levels of SEO.” – Dean, October 2015

Do you want to bring your online business to the next level and give your product or service the edge over your competitors?

>> You CAN! Get Facebook Marketing 2016 and learn the most advanced and up to date strategies behind the mask of Facebook – while the strategies are still fresh!

LIMITED Time BONUS OFFER: A sneak preview of Bestselling book ‘SEO 2016: A Complete Guide to Search Engine Optimization included for FREE!

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  1. This book cracks the code in the Facebook market! Facebook is a tricky beast to tame when it comes to marketing and sales. The reason is because there are plenty of prospects, but not a clear path as to how best to reach them with marketing. You have a wonderful product and all of these people but need someone to show you how to get your product the sales it deserves. 

  2. The book was a great read! This book delivers more content for effective Facebook Marketing than any other book or program I’ve invested in.The content in this book makes it undeniably evident that the author is an expert when it comes to Facebook Marketing. Which is why I invested in this book and you should too if you’re serious about making more money and reaching a larger audience to share your message, story, products and services with. Seriously great content that will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to…

  3. The first thing I noticed was the intelligent way that the author presented his words to provide … You are about to discover proven steps and strategies to use Facebook to do cheap or free marketing to leverage your business, promote your products and services and find new clients. This book is something! It is completely informative. The first thing I noticed was the intelligent way that the author presented his words to provide the best way to really use Facebook to do free or cheap marketing effectively and making lots of money with any business. It is a sure way to help anyone who is…

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