Writing Sample, The Witch’s King Part Two: Sorcery

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The Witch’s King, Part Two.

Chapter One

Mud and muck squished beneath the leather foot coverings of the two men as they made their way to where the villagers gathered to welcome the witch.

Caravaggio had not slept in days. Physical exhaustion threatened to topple his usually strong frame. Closing his eyes brought no relief: The Source punished his mind constantly with visions.

He’d discovered being still and allowing the images to come provided him with some rejuvenation.  By opening himself to what the Source presented, he found not only rest, but knowledge beyond what he was able to comprehend, as if he were a child again. He could not explain what it was he had seen, he could only describe how it made him feel.

Excited. Powerful. Unstoppable.

There were no words for what he had been shown, no words he could create so the people around him could understand.

He hoped the Witch would provide answers. In some visions he saw their future and he believed that together they had a great destiny to fulfill. In other visions, he knew they each had their separate rolls to play in the unfolding life on this world.

Caravaggio turned to the man who walked beside him. “This is it. The moment I spoke of so long ago.”

“I was just remembering the day.” Lord William slapped his large hand over Caravaggio’s shoulder and stopped them both. When their eyes met, William spoke. “After today, after this moment, everything will be different.”

Caravaggio stopped the emotional speech with a strong grip on the mans arm. “I know,” he replied, then pulled Lord William into a tight embrace and slapped him on the back. “This is the future. Our future. And we shall create it. Together.”


Alicea R. Watts

Alicea R. Watts

Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo
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Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo

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