Writing Sample: The Witch’s King Part One

This is a writing sample taken from the ongoing series, The Witch’s King, Part One. The series now has two published parts, Separation and Sorcery, available on Amazon Kindle. Samples chapters shared on Writing and Reviews may, or may not be what is published in the books.

I hope you enjoy them!

From The Witch’s King, Part One: Separation.


In the space of a breath, she appeared, tucked into the tub opposite him, her foot stroking the side of his leg.

The man in him jumped to attention. The king however, cursed her.

“I hope when you’re married, you’ll stop doing this to me.”

The pressure from her foot increased as she neared the top of his thigh. Her ability to move her being from one place to another so precisely impressed him. The last time she appeared during his bath, she’d arrived fully dressed and closer to his wardrobe than his tub. How she knew to arrive after his attendants had left the room was beyond him as well.

He took her foot in his hand and squeezed it before starting the massage he’d been giving her for nearly two season of their life. When her eyelids relaxed and her lips parted as a low moan escaped her throat, he smiled seeing he still had some of the same effects on her, as she had on him. Only he needed to physically touch her and she could send him to his knees with barely a thought.

The flickering flames of candles set around the room danced on her skin and illuminated the fire in her hair as the steam from the water fogged his view of her. He moved his fingers up her leg, needing to touch her in ways he’d been denied for too long.

“Eric,” she whispered as his fingers found the place between her legs which she opened to him. When his lips brushed against hers and his chest felt the softness of her breast, he plunged inside of her. Adeline dug her fingers into his shoulders and pulled her body up, into his. Her legs wrapped around his long thick thighs, guiding his body into the position she needed him to be.

Between her legs, he moved, pushing deep and nearly loosing himself as the memory of her seared across his body. His mouth covered hers and his blood sang when she moaned, the vibration tickling a place deep inside his core.

They moved into their familiar rhythm as if they’d made love yesterday and all the days before instead of years ago, before he’d banished her to the forest. Before he’d stopped coming to her. Before he married Sarah.

Tasting salt on her lips, her own tears spilled as their souls broke into pieces so small she knew neither of them would ever be whole again.

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Alicea R. Watts

Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo
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Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo

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