Why Authors Fail: 17 Mistakes Self-Published Authors Make That Sabotage Their Success (And How To Fix Them)

Could A Hidden Mistake Be Sabotaging Your Success As An Author?

Becoming a massively successful self-published author isn’t easy. Even just one missing link in an otherwise perfect plan can kill your results. The easiest way to avoid these mistakes is to learn from those who have made the mistakes for you, found a way to overcome them, and can take you by the hand to show you the principles you need to follow to guarantee long-term success. This is not strictly a book on marketing strategies, how to write a better book, or a technical guide to self-publishing. Instead, this book gives you what you really need to succeed – the real world principles all successful authors follow. Inside you’ll discover… • Why struggling authors sabotage any chance of success before they write a single word… and how to virtually guarantee you’ll have a bestselling book, before you even begin. • Why struggling authors spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars publishing their dream book, only to find it gets lost among all the other self-published “wannabe” books… and how you can make sure your book stands out from the competition. • Why struggling authors can have the best written book on a topic… but still fail to make it a best selling book. • Why struggling authors often never get their book or series finished… and how you hack your motivation and creative inspiration to get your book done fast. • Why struggling authors’ creativity can be what leads to their failure… and how you can combine one simple thing with creativity to give you an edge no one else has. • Why struggling authors turn off potential readers before they’ve even had a chance to read their book… and how you can utilize simple psychological tactics that practically force browsers to purchase your book. • Why struggling authors can’t create a long-term business… and how you can set things up from the start to ensure you’re thriving off of book sales for years to come. You can either unknowingly make these mistakes and wonder why you’re not seeing the results you want as an author, or you can learn from a #1 best selling author and publishing coach saving yourself countless hours and headaches. After getting your copy of “Why Authors Fail,” you’ll never again have to worry you don’t know what it takes to become the successful author you were meant to be. About The Author Derek Doepker is a multiple bestselling self-published author and publishing coach. He has assisted over 1,300 students from all over the world on publishing, marketing, and book creation.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we'll navigate the path to publishing success.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. I wish I had this book when I started writing. I found Derek Doepker’s gem of a book ‘Why Authors Fail’ from an Amazon recommendation. I downloaded it and was so impressed that I devoured it non-stop. Tonight I’m going to re-read it while making notes and looking up some of the many resource hyperlinks that Derek so selflessly shares. 

  2. Learning as I go. I have just published my third novel and I knew I was doing some things right but that I could also do things so much better. I have read many books on publishing, but this one really made sense to me. This one reassured me that I was on the right track (perfection is a myth, have more books for readers, connect w other writers, etc.) And also showed me where I have dropped the ball with my books (and that it’s okay that I have done so)

  3. Author seems to oppose too much creativity First let me say that this book is a bit of a gem. Yes there were typos. But there was so much good advice and so many links to helpful resources that I sincerely recommend this publication. 

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