The Cycle of Arawn: The Complete Trilogy

The White Tree (book one): In Mallon, the dark magic of the nether has been banned for centuries. Its users have been driven out or killed. Its secrets lost.

But the holy book of the nethermancers has just been found by a boy named Dante.

As he works to unlock the book’s power, he’s attacked in the street. The nethermancers aren’t gone-and they want their book back. Caught between death cultists and the law, Dante fights for his life, aided by his growing skills and a brash bodyguard named Blays. Together they’re drawn into a centuries-old conflict that brings Mallon to the brink of civil war.

Surviving won’t be easy. But if they make it out alive, they’ll step down the path to becoming two of the greatest warriors the world has ever known.

The Great Rift (book two): Dante and Blays have averted war against their new home of Narashtovik. But they didn’t do so alone. It’s time to repay their debts.

The norren who helped them remain enslaved by the Gaskan Empire. While arming the norren clans for rebellion, Dante hears one of them is in possession of the legendary Quivering Bow. If he can track down the weapon, it could secure norren independence.

But the wheels of war have already begun to turn. As Gask moves to crush the rebellion, Dante and Blays find themselves at the head of a campaign for survival-for norren and Narashtovik alike.

The Black Star (book three): Narashtovik has been saved-but Dante and Blays’ friendship has been destroyed.

Blaming the Gaskan king for the loss of his love, Lira, Blays infiltrates the enemy nobility. There he schemes to bankrupt Gask and drive its ruler from the throne. But Dante’s been waiting for Blays’ return. If he finds and exposes him, Blays will be executed as a spy.

As they squabble, strange lights shine in the east. Harbingers of a long-forgotten threat. If the signs go ignored, Narashtovik will be annihilated by an enemy it never knew it had.

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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  1. Intelligent, captivating, and gritty. Awesome series. I am a fan of fantasy when it is done right, but hate it when it is done poorly. This is fantasy done right. I read a few of the other reviews and they stated that the lead characters, (Dante and Blays) are unwholesome, thus they didnt like it. I will just say that it is true that these arent your normal lead fantasy characters. This is not young adult fiction. I absolutely abhor young adult fiction. These characters behave and think like real people. They are driven by ambition and vengeance,…

  2. Well Written Epic Fantasy An Intellectual Can Escape Into I’m so often disappointed or disgusted early into most e-books these days that when I stumble upon one that’s written by someone who knows basic English I’m delighted and when they bothered to develop a smattering of fundamental writing skills I’m overjoyed. But when they actually have creative talent and imagination I’m ecstatic! 

  3. Great read, I absolutely recommend to anyone this was one of the series that I was so thankful for after getting hooked on Edward W. Robertsons “Breakers” series. Totally different level of sci fi/fantasy. You have to feel for the “hero” who starts out as not much of a hero at all, but matures as the series goes on. Great read, I absolutely recommend to anyone. Boxed set? Kudos to the author and publisher, get all the goods in one shot!

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