TFS Ingenuity: The Terran Fleet Command Saga – Book 1 (Volume 1)

It’s the year 2277. For fifty years, Earth has received mysterious data transmissions from random locations in deep space. The streams include advanced technology, allowing Humans to achieve faster-than-light travel virtually overnight. As we prepare to take our first, tentative steps into interstellar space, we know almost nothing about our alien benefactors, and their motivations remain unexplained. While completing their shakedown cruise, Captain Tom Prescott and the crew of the first Terran Fleet Command starship, TFS Ingenuity, stumble into a first contact situation. They learn that Earth is not the first civilization granted access to the stars before their time – and how this Faustian gift has inevitably led to centuries of interstellar war. Humanity’s existence hangs in the balance as a powerful alliance assembles a preemptive military strike, believing it to be their only option to protect themselves … from us. Prescott and his small, initially unarmed starship must serve as our only line of defense. Ingenuity is our only hope. _________ TFS INGENUITY is the first book of the Terran Fleet Command Saga by author Tori Harris. The story is typically associated with the military science fiction, colonization, first contact, genetic engineering, space opera technothriller, or alien invasion categories.

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  1. Refreshing, uncharted, and brilliantly conceived plot – left me hungry for more. Note to everyone out there wanting to grab a fun read in the military science fiction genre, this book will not disappoint! I was bored waiting on my girlfriend (for hours) in an airport and didn’t have my usual paperback with me. So, I downloaded this book after poring for a while through Amazon’s infinite library. The synopsis of TFS Ingenuity caught my attention, and for less than the cost of my two-pump grande mocha – thanks to the handy airport Starbucks – I was able to pass the next few…

  2. This Author Has Chops–A Little Heavy on Small Details I passed on this book several times and am glad I took a chance. The author has ‘chops’–the writing is clean of typos and the presentation is professional. The story begins with a first contact story line and there is a good deal of descriptive detail in how technology advances. If you enjoy detail, this book does not disappoint. Unfortunately, some of that detail, for me at least, detracted from the read–it slowed the pace of the book. (Almost 10% of the read was dedicated to a very…

  3. A Worthy Start This was a fast read with an interesting premise. The characters weren’t really developed yet, but I think there is plenty of time and opportunity for follow-on books. The editing was spot-on and I didn’t notice any problems at all. Overall, I enjoyed the book and it’s definitely worth the price.

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