Technical Editing: The Practical Guide For Editors And Writers (Hewlett-Packard Press)

At last, direct from the trenches, here’s the book technical editors have been waiting for. Unlike other guides which review grammar and spelling—but don’t address the special challenges of technical editing—this lively, practical book deals with the real-world problems, issues, and decisions that face technical editors and writers.In this book you’ll get tips for preparing a style guide technical writers will want to use. You’ll find checklists of what to look for during different types of editorial reviews, learn how to make the transition from traditional to desktop publishing, and see how you can build true usability into printed and online documentation. Enhanced by real examples, case studies, and practical techniques, these flexible and pragmatic solutions go far beyond the mechanics of marking up manuscripts. You get guidance that will help you decide how heavily to edit, how to manage and track large projects, and even how to position yourself for the future when software will handle the copy editing.Whether you edit technical documentation for a living, write technical material, or review the work of others, this book helps you improve your skills and your understanding of the technical editing function.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Highest praise for this book As a newbie tech writer, I picked up this book with interest. This book was much more practical than other industry books on theory. All of the information is applicable to everyday situations as both a writer and editor. I am wholeheartedly recommending this book to my colleagues, and to anyone who would appreciate an insider’s view of the technical documentation process. This is probably the most helpful book I have read on the process, textbooks and style guides included. After the…

  2. How to justify a Technical Editor on your staff This book is particularly useful in defining the role of your Technical Editor, but what I found useful was the way the author addressed the need for a technical editor. In many technical writing and documentation groups, a technical editor is not in place because they use peer edits instead. Peer edits are not as effective as a technical editor! This book addresses quantitative results of having or not having a technical editor and how to “sell” your management on adding a technical…

  3. A survival guide for the real world of technical editing. The subtitle says it all. This book gives practical advice and guidelines for both editors and writers who must edit or deal with editors. Tarutz provides a heavy dose of “real world” information, including working with impossible schedules, difficult writers, and projects from hell.This book is NOT a guide to marking up manuscripts, nor is it a style and usage manual. It IS an excellent guide to the profession of technical editing.

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