Social Media Mastery (Updated for 2015): 75+ Tips to Help you Expand your Reach, Build your Platform, and Establish your Online Authority (Daily Actions)

UPDATED FOR WINTER 2015 – An Amazon #1 Bestseller in Web 2.0, Social Media for Business, Social Media How-To and Web Marketing Categories


Learn the ins and outs of the major social media platforms, including major sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, Scribd, Slideshare, Evernote, TripAdvisor, and Learn how to establish a social media strategy in line with your goals, organize it all with Evernote, and how to market your content based on your product, service, or credentials. Fire up your brand via social media, Kindle ebooks, or podcasts using this guide.

Learn how to integrate your social media accounts, embed content into profiles, build out your YouTube and Vimeo channels, maximize your Pinterest boards, use Facebook Graph Search, insert social plugins to your blog, and interact within groups to build dynamic connections.


Develop your social media skills with the help of step-by-step explanations and videos. Discover how to host webinars, increase your search engine optimization, and conduct effective searches in social media platforms for market research.


Expand your knowledge of blogging, blogging platforms (such as WordPress), and content curation. Explore your options with podcasting, delivering an eCourse, or writing an eBook.


Understand the social ethos of social media, how to engage others in the social environment that expands the reach of your content and your brand, and why some platforms are more difficult to integrate into than others.


Readers of the book have access to How To Videos that can show how to:

– Set up a Facebook Fan Page

– Create a Google+ Business Page

– Optimize a YouTube One Channel Account

– Establish a Pinterest Business Account and organize pins

– Embed documents from Scribd into LinkedIn

– Embed Facebook Like Boxes into a Blog

– Get started with Evernote

…and more!

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  1. Superb insights that provide a step-by-step roadmap for designing and implementing your own social media strategy This is a powerful resource that covers using social networking sites in combination to create the largest improvement to one’s online brand, reputation, or marketing campaign. So, besides providing useful commentaries about using major social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Scribd, Reddit, Youtube, and more), the author also provides useful insights into how to use these networks in combination. She also discusses how to mix in blogging, podcasting, webinars, and…

  2. Current, concise explanations of many social media platforms and how to tips and video links for getting started Fantastic ebook! Each chapter covers a different social media platform and is loaded with current, helpful tips for both the novice and the more experienced user. The chapters are thorough yet concise–perfect for busy lifestyles. Each chapter includes challenges to help you get moving and often there are links for the author’s “how to” videos if you’re feeling insecure about getting started. 

  3. Easy to follow guide on how best to maximize your social media presence. Daily Actions for Social Media Mastery is an incredibly rich resource for anyone looking to expand their brand, or is simply confused by the myriad of social networking opportunities that exist today. Ross’s book discusses all modes, and aspects of social media interaction, and how best to utilize these strategies depending on your own personal goals, and motivation. I like that before delving into the variety of social media opportunities that exist today, Ross emphasizes the need for the…

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