Snooze for Breakfast

?????This means I really, really liked this place.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

It’s hard to pick just two.

Having breakfast out is a treat. And when it’s as good as the food at Snooze, it’s more than a treat. It’s the perfect start to any day in the desert.

Surrounded by all the retail bliss Scottsdale has to offer, look for the bright orange umbrellas next to the neon pink of Victoria’s Secret at Kierland Commons (Scottsdale @ Greenway/Hayden). While sitting outside during the beautiful months (mid-September through mid-June) is delightful, be sure to check out the fab-mod interior, cozy booths and of course, the full bar.

I mention the full bar because this is a breakfast and lunch place only. So while the bar may seems like a novelty, the cocktail menu will tempt you into starting your day a little differently than a regular breakfast joint. Just don’t over do it!

The menu takes some time to study, so I started with an Americano. Talk about a perfect cup of coffee. So good I’m thinking Starbucks next door should be nervous.

The Benedict’s section of the menu offered all kinds of different takes on the classic egg dish. The best part is you can choose which two you want on your plate, you’re not limited to just one flavor combination. I had a Bella! Bella! Benny, with prosciutto, Taleggio cheese on ciabatta and cream cheese hollandaise and a Benny Goodman with Lox and cream cheese. Each with their perfectly poached eggs (medium firm in my opinion), made these tasty toasted treats one half of a perfect breakfast.

The other half? The hasbrowns. Instead of a big slab of fried potatoes covering most of your plate, this molded round of tasty spuds is the perfect portion size needed to round out this meal. I left feeling full but not stuffed – a perfect start.

But it was my second visit that has put Snooze at the top of my list. This time I started with a delicious cup of their regular coffee – again, the coffee place next door has got to be nervous. And, I ordered what now is my most favorite breakfast meal of all time.

The Quinoa Porridge. I know it sounds a little too healthy to be a favorite, but hear me out.

This hot, stick-to-your-ribs quinoa and oats cereal has chunks of peaches (possibly seasonal, we’ll see) and walnuts all swimming in two delectably distinguishable layers of maple syrup and butter. I literally had tears forming as the warm sweet gave way to the rich butter on my tongue. When the waitress asked if there was anything else we needed, I told her yea, a tissue. Because this was so good I was going to cry. Really. Evening thinking about it now has me tearing up.

I can’t wait to go back. But now that I’m craving the Quinoa Porridge, I’m thinking a breakfast and lunch visit is in order. I want to try something new, but the porridge is calling my name. I’d like to get a couple of girlfriends together for a leisurely brunch and test out their cocktail menu.

Snooze is right in line as far as price goes for breakfast around the valley. But when it comes to originality and over the top flavors, from coffee to porridge, Snooze wins the prize. ?????
????? Excellent

???? Pretty Good

??? OK

?? Disappointing

? Not My Cup Of Tea

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