SEO 2016: Search Engine Optimization: Learn Search Engine Optimization: A Complete Guide (Internet Marketing, Online Business, Passive Income, Social Media)

SEO: Discover the Secret Tool to Bring Your Business to the Next Level

Have you always wondered how to boost your rankings in Google and other search engines but simply found it too confusing or complicated? Have you been frustrated by the level of difficulty posed in competing with other established websites for the those coveted first-page listings?

If you’ve ever tried to use search engine optimization (SEO), but failed to get the web traffic your web content deserves, then you know that learning SEO is confusing, if not outright daunting. There is so much information out there – where to start?

A lot of the advice given on SEO is out-of date, hard to understand or implement for those new to SEO, or simply WRONG!

SEO 2016 is your Comprehensive, Must-Have guide on how to optimize your marketing efforts to produce the greatest outcome, great for those relatively new to SEO, and a great resource for more advanced SEO strategies as well.

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Publisher’s Note: This expanded edition of SEO 2016 includes FRESH NEW CONTENT to bring you up to date with the most current and effective techniques on the market.

In easy-to-follow, plain English tutorials you’ll learn:

SEO Basics & FundamentalsSimple Content Marketing Strategies to Grab Attract Visitors from Search Engines Understand How to Generate Money-Making, Traffic-Generating KeywordsOptimize Google’s Algorithms – Panda, Hummingbird, Penguin and MobilegeddonUtilize Google Adwords, Google Now and Personalized SearchBest Ways to Use Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Audience Easy Techniques to Use SEO to Optimize Your Website to Reach Maximum TrafficHow to Create Content that Attracts both Readers and Search EnginesDozens of Proven, Insider SEO TipsFind out which Social Network is More Powerful than Any Other for SEODiscover new Powerful Link Building TechniquesMuch, much more!

Check out How Others Have Benefited:

“After searching different blogs / Youtube videos for the past month to learn how to boost my new companies site on Google and other search engines I decided I needed something that includes everything in a much more structured process to follow and this book delivered my just that and has been very easy to learn from so far. I now know how to effectively choose keywords and have thrown away some of the ones I now realize were no good to be using in the first place! I have been able to format my content much better and optimize it more effectively so I am targeting precisely and creating accessible/ unique content. The book also explains how to use social media to improve SEO which is the next step for me now my content is ready 🙂

A great book overall and I really hope to be able to purchase a 2nd book from Kenneth Lewis soon to take me through the more advanced levels of SEO..”
– Dean, October 2015

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Better than most Being in the SEO industry myself, I sometimes download these books to see what else is being said. Nine times out of ten I am disappointed because it is usually a copy and paste and teaches you nothing. 

  2. it is a good thing to be aware of the predicted changes in … Because internet trends change from year to year, it is a good thing to be aware of the predicted changes in advance. As this book pointed out, we need to have site optimization strategies in order to rank in the search engines. The writing style is simple and can be understood easily even by non-technical individuals. Content and promotion still rank high in SEO priorities. If you own a website and have not made any changes in the last few years, I suggest you read this as a counter checking…

  3. Complete guide to SEO! I never knew that websites can earn more traffic by optimizing the SEO. I’m a newbie on this field that’s why I’m glad that I was able to find a book that’s complete and can guide me through the basics and how to do it. I learned a lot of useful advice, ideas and many options that I can use for my website. After reading this, you’ll surely become more familiar with SEO and HTML. A must read!

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