(R)evolution (Phoenix Horizon)

Scientist Peter Bernhardt has dedicated his life to nanotechnology, the science of manipulating matter on the atomic scale. As the founder of Biogineers, he is on the cusp of revolutionizing brain therapies with microscopic nanorobots that will make certain degenerative diseases become a thing of the past. But after his research is stolen by an unknown enemy, seventy thousand people die in Las Vegas in one abominable moment. No one is more horrified than Peter, as this catastrophe sets in motion events that will forever change not only his life but also the course of human evolution.

Peter’s company is torn from his grasp as the public clamors for his blood. Desperate, he turns to an old friend, who introduces him to the Phoenix Club, a cabal of the most powerful people in the world. To make himself more valuable to his new colleagues, Peter infuses his brain with experimental technology, exponentially upgrading his mental prowess and transforming him irrevocably.

As he’s exposed to unimaginable wealth and influence, Peter’s sense of reality begins to unravel. Do the club members want to help him, or do they just want to claim his technology? What will they do to him once they have their prize? And while he’s already evolved beyond mere humanity, is he advanced enough to take on such formidable enemies and win?

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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  1. Uneven Techno thriller Although “(R)evolution” was the May, 2015 Science Fiction selection, it is really 90% standard techno thriller- (and a really long one at that). It was also one of two books I had been hoping would be picked for Kindle First so I’m disappointed that I didn’t like it more. 

  2. Fun technology-based science fiction thriller! This is the first book I’ve read by PJ Manney. It opens with a suspenseful and exciting prologue which sets a thrilling tone for the rest of the book. The book starts with Emma in a coffee shop, when thousands of people in a Las Vegas conference center die in extremely weird ways. Peter Bernhardt, the founder of Biogineers, which worked hard to create new ways to reduce degenerative diseases in humans, has to figure out what caused all of these people to die. He theorizes that one of his…

  3. Prologue was the best part of the book (R)evolution starts with a bang. The Prologue is a chilling, thrilling, action-packed page-turner. But after those first few pages that the story and plots slows to a crawl. The first half of the book (some 250+ pages) was spent building the characters and the story’s framework. It was technical, laborious and sometimes monotonous. There were also some elements that got tiresome after a while: Ruthie the scientists who spoke in mostly untranslated Yiddish, and the constant references…

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