Price of Victory, The

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  1. The Price of Victory I found The Price of Victory to be a very enjoyable read. This was my first book by Sandra Leesmith but I will sure be on the look out for more from her. She a a nice flow to the story that keeps you turning pages.Debra is trying to achieve something major in her life to make her father proud of her. She learns though out the book that Winning is not only physically winning, but emotional winning by getting a feeling of piece with in her self. This was a nice book about Romance with Sterling Wade stepping in to help Debra over a major ordeal. Sterling & Debra grow closer together slowly becoming more then just friends.This is a really sweet story about love and accomplishment with in your self and with your family. It was a feel good read.I would recommend this book to someone looking for a book with drama but a good out come.

  2. A fascinating look at the world of women’s cycling “The Price of Victory” by Sandra Leesmith is a contemporary woman’s fiction novel that centers around the intriguing sport of women’s cycling and one woman’s struggle to break into the well-guarded elite teams that dominate the sport. Debra Valenzuela has had to overcome many obstacles to follow the dream that she has of becoming a top cyclist but she is driven by the need to show her traditional father that success can be measured by a different yardstick than he uses. A chance encounter with the attractive Sterling Wade who is an integral part of the renowned men’s cycling team tempts Debra to consider whether her dream accomplishment is truly for herself or for someone else. 

  3. a great read I found Price of Victory very fascinating…i have friends who do a lot of biking, and from that stand point this was very educational. Who knew how competitive this sport was? Not me.This is very well written, and even if I did not know the Arizona landscape, I would have a vivid picture after reading the desriptions of the places the races were held, never mind tasting the dust, trying to avoid accidents, and the feeling the burn in my legs as the professional bikers climbed the hills and strove for first place. I struggled with Debra as she tried to overcome her father’s expectations, and felt for her as she learnt to know things about her parents she had never known before. Sterling’s frustrations are also very realistically portrayed. I found myself immersed in the novel, finding it hard to put down as I read to find out what the next obstacle would be for Debra in her striving to find love.I recommend this to who ever reads my blog, as well as my friends.

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