Keep it Simple, Scholars!: A Basic Guide for Writing and Editing Dissertations and Theses

Keep it Simple, Scholars! is a tag line I use to encourage students who feel the dissertation or thesis journey is too difficult to continue. I want you to be encouraged, motivated, and successful! A student once said, “I wish there was a book that would take students through the entire dissertation or thesis process! Getting information from the university and my mentor is so discouraging and frustrating!” I pondered on this exclamation, and decided to create a simple, easy to read guide to assist students with dissertation and thesis writing. Students at any point in their degree program can use this book in preparation for continuing as a life-long researcher and learner. What you have to look forward to when using this book includes: • Clear and concise details about the basic elements required for writing a dissertation or thesis in a scholarly tone. • Tips about choosing a mentor and committee members. • A chapter covering the most prevalent writing and editorial errors noted by most editors and university reviewers. • Helpful document suggestions and examples post-graduate students can use to comply with permissions and approvals. • Suggestions for future endeavors. Using this guide to augment the academic writing journey could help doctoral and master’s students save money on hiring outside individuals for editorial or coaching assistance. The less errors in the paper, the more successful students can be! While this book is beneficial as a reference guide, the information is not exhaustive of all writing and editing “tricks of the trade” as would be provided by a thorough editorial review. However, this book provides students the opportunity to ensure increased originality of writing and the successful attainment of educational goals. My goal was to take all I have learned as a doctoral student and certified copyeditor to help my future peers stay motivated, encouraged, and on track to complete the dissertation or thesis research project. **Students who purchase this book will have an opportunity to work with me to review, edit, and format their approved dissertation or thesis for publication–another way to… …Keep it Simple, Scholars!

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we'll navigate the path to publishing success.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Dissertation confidence and guidance Dr Julie , Your book is fabulous. Honestly, as a new scholar, it has so much information that many of us desperately need. Even now as we are starting to think about dissertation topics having this information is invaluable. You have written a critically analyzed clear and concise reference piece. I do not endorse nor refer lightly. But I can tell you her integrity and her work from both reading her two books and word of mouth with her editing services is impeccable. consider this book for…

  2. You won’t be disappointed with this book OMG you can’t go wrong with this book. I am in the middle of completing my dissertation and this book has helped me tremendously. Every time I run into a problem, Keep it Simple, Scholars! provides the answers. I can’t say enough about this book! This is a must have to get you to the finish line.Great job Dr. Julie D. Conzelmann!!!!

  3. I just received my copy and I look forward to … I just received my copy and I look forward to using it as a guide to help me through my doctoral journey.

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