In Need of Synchronicity

Life has been kicking my butt lately.

Life, karma, the pull of Mars of the electromagnetic field, what ever it is, I’m beat. Done. Tired. Just as I think I’m coming to a peak, a turn in the path where around the corner everything is going to finally fall into place and be okay, even for a little while, the proverbial other shoe drops. And it tends to beat me about the head and shoulders as it falls.

During our journey, our walk along the path that is our life, we all make mistakes. We all face obstacles and make decisions that later on we wish we had faced from a different perspective, which would have led to a different decision – leading to a different outcome.

We hold on to these mistakes while everyone else goes on with their lives. Even if it was someone else who wronged us, we hold on to what we remember – the pain, anger and ultimately the regret of how we acted. While the person who did the hurting may not even be aware of what they did, or they remember it differently and therefore, think about it differently now, we do not know how or if this incident is effecting them at all. Good, bad or not at all, no one knows what another person is truly thinking. But our own thoughts about what ever “it” was or is, are making us crazy.

In the Synchronicity Key, but David Wilcock, he discusses the effects our actions have on us and the world through karma. As we travel through time, every existence we experience has an effect on all the other experiences we may have already had, or still have ahead of us. Our souls decide what lessons we want to learn during our next life, giving us the opportunity to either balance or continue to unbalance the scales of karma.

This book dives into some other deep topics, like the banking system and economic influences, and the cycles of history and time. He also gives a frighteningly simple insight into sociopathic behavior and the effect it is taking on society. It is a fascinating book and I highly recommend listening to the Audible version.

On the topic of karma, Mr. Wilcock say we must first forgive ourselves of the hurt we feel we may have caused others over the course of our lives. As we begin to atone for something we know we did, other forgotten “sorrows” will surface, waiting for their own forgiveness. Until we are able to face all the pain our soul is carrying and let it go, we will be dragged into situations that repeat the incident over and over again until we learn what ever lesson it is we need to learn.

Here is a way of summing this up:

What you allow, will continue. If you keep letting things happen the same way over and over again, they will keep happening that way.

Part of the problem, Mr. Wilcock explains, is that we are so distracted by the noise life creates, the false messages that are beat into our lives that we’re unable to hear the peaceful messages of the universe and miss the signs that are there, pointing us to our true destiny. The banks tell us to buy into the American Dream – and pay 4 times the actual purchase price for a home. Do the same with a car, an appliance and a some vacation toys like an RV. While we think we’re ‘doing it right’ all we’re doing is fattening the vaults of the banking system. Buy a diamond ring because DeBeers says that is what proves your love. Buy a Hallmark card for a Hallmark created holiday.

So we’ve mortgaged, financed and symbolized our lives into a mountain of debt, stress and worry. We are so focused on working, paying the bills, we’re unable to stop, listen and now days, even unplug from the constant stream of materialistic mind control. The stress creates ailments: physical, emotional. It has to have an outlet: so we become sick, we become angry, we become violent. We add to the noise.

TEST: Try to think about NOTHING – NO-THING – for ONE MINUTE. Keep your mind blank, no thoughts, just peace. Unless you are a master meditator, something that takes years to do, you will fail. So strange; we have to learn to think about nothing.

Personally, I’ve been dealing with some tough stuff. Life changing stuff. Heartbreaking stuff. The stress of all this stuff is taking a toll on my body. I feel like I’m falling apart. One injury after another, as one starts to heal, another surfaces. It has effected every part of my life. It is debilitating and depressing.

It has also given me a new perspective on chronic pain, depression and suicide. Not that I’m at the point of suicide, I’m just saying that I can understand it better now.

But with this new insight into how I/we, as part of the universe, the existence of which we are all a part of, are connected and share life and love, I will learn to forgive my own transgressions, the pain I have caused others, the pain I have caused myself through my own thoughts and actions.

As situations arise, I will do my best to look for the pattern repeating itself, a lesson I’ve not yet learned, recognize it and make a better decision at that moment.

And, I will continue to practice peace, learning to listen for the answers in the silence.



Alicea R. Watts

Alicea R. Watts

Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo
Alicea R. Watts

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The Synchronicity Key

The Synchronicity Key



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Re-learning to live my passion. Thank you for sharing xxoo

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