I Didn’t Realize What I Had Done

I didn’t know I had done it, until someone else pointed it out. And they didn’t really point it out, like, “hey, look at that.” Instead we were talking about what she had done in her entrepreneurial pursuits and she added, “you know, like you did with Page Readers.”

At first I didn’t connect the dots. But now I get it.

What did I do? I Built A Platform

In 2009 my passion was (and still is) reading and writing. While my tastes have changed, back then it was anything science-fiction, fantasy and otherwise known as “chick-lit.” The problem was getting my hands on all those books – expensive (and remember the economy of 2009).

Digital books were coming to life and self-publishing was still taboo. Traditional published authors looked down their noses at “those people.” I saw an opportunity: I would read, review and even interview these underdog writers. And I would help promote those with good stories.

But I didn’t want to just have a review blog. I wanted to talk to these people, interview them “in person”. Knowing I couldn’t do that, I turned to podcasting. As a total novice to the idea of recording audio and no real equipment, nor the funds to invest, I found Blog Talk Radio and Page Readers was born.

It took me just a few days to find my first guests. To this day those people are still a part of PageReadercustomlogomy life. I interviewed Aggie Villanueva about her book Rightfully Mine. Our friendship evolved into business partners and Promotion a la Carte, the perfect melding of our collective talents. While the business has since folded, we’ve remained close friends.

Then there is Hank Quense. I found him through a LinkedIn writers group where he was “pimping his books”, a favorite phrase of his. Since then I’ve worked with Hank as he’s published more novels, short stories and a series of DIY books for writers and self-publishing authors. Right now we’re working on his latest evolution, Writers & Authors Resource Center. Eventually it will become a members site with access to videos, books and digital downloads full of information to help with those important decisions regarding self-publishing, writing, marketing and more.

Over time Page Readers has seen good times and slow times. I had so many requests for interviews – people contacting me to be on the show – that I finally had to pull the plug. Between babysitting authors who had a tendency to flake out or need to be rescheduled over and over again or prima-donna-writers who demanded on pre-written scripts or interview times that wrecked my schedule, I needed a break. Obviously I was doing something wrong – it wasn’t fun anymore.

What had taken most of the fun out of reviewing books was the quality of the product – the content to formatting – was sloppy. Writers were clicking the publish button without editing, in some cases not even self-editing had been done. Where they got the idea that you can just write and publish was beyond me. I started rejecting books for review based on typos, poor formatting and just bad story telling.

It was then I realized I could step up my game and start proofreading stories. Which led to editing. Which led to Page Readers Outloud when I started reading sections of books I was reviewing as part of the promotional packages I would offer authors with books worth representation.

But then I saw that representation getting expensive for the authors and we weren’t seeing results to support the cost. So I evolved again by stopping everything and starting over. I went back to Page Readers to just talk about the changes with my audience. I received some feedback and went back to the drawing board.

After a longer hiatus from the publishing world that I’d taken in previous years, I returned with a new perspective. I’d discovered a way I could help authors with their audience building and help them create a revenue stream, without it costing them anything. They’d have a place to blog and someone to promote their writing, for free. Creating the revenue part takes time, but at least in the meantime it’s not costing them anything but their words (and a little bit of time to write them).

And Page Readers is once again a part of the big picture. This little internet radio show is my very own Platform. I use it to talk with my audience and promote the causes and clients who are near and dear to my heart. Because I’ve kept it (have not taken the page down), the content has grown to an impressive library. And every once in a while Blog Talk Radio deposits money into my account (because I participate in their revenue sharing program. Again, another way I earn for promoting my clients for free!). Actually I think I’ve earned maybe $60 total from the show – so far. But wait.

I’m evolving again. My passion and experience have led me to an opportunity to grow – my business, my platform and myself. Being a part of the Phoenix Author and Writer Workshops gives me the opportunity to meet others like me, who love creating and want to write and one day publishing their work. People who are ready to build their own platform and chase their dreams. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

My platform has been Page Readers, my passion is supporting writers, authors and small business people find their voice, build their audience and live their dreams.

What about you? Have you built a Platform? Tell me about it and let’s connect!

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we'll navigate the path to publishing success.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.

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