How to Write a Children’s Book: Advice on writing children’s books from the Institute of Children?s Literature, where over 404,000 have learned how to write a b

Do You Want to Know How to Write a Children’s Book?

Have you ever said, “I’ve always wanted to write a book for kids!” but then never got around to it? Maybe you didn’t know where to start, or how to get a good idea. Now you can start to write your book for children when you read How to Write a Children’s Book, brought to you by the Institute of Children’s Literature.

There are so many different kinds of children’s books, from picture books to chapter books, middle grade novels, and young adult, it’s hard to know which way to go. Should you decide you’re going to write for a particular age group and then come up with an idea that fits them? Or should you decide to write a story or article about a particular idea, then choose the age group that’s right for it? Almost anything can become a nonfiction topic for young readers, given their curiosity and appetite for facts about the world around them. But each topic has to be aimed at the right readership. You’ll have a much better handle on all this and more once you read the chapter “How Old Is Your Reader?”

How to Write a Children’s Book Will Start You on Your Way to Being an Author

Whether you you want to have a full-blown career writing children’s books, be traditionally publish, self-publish, or simply want one book to hand down to your own children and grandkids, How to Write a Children’s Book will help you.

Here’s What You’ll Learn from How to Write a Children’s Book:

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Bestselling children’s authors like Judy Blume, R.L. Stine, Jane Yolen and more share their answers. You’ll find out how to know when an idea is worth following, and how to write a smart book.How to figure out which readership is right for you.How to target and hit the mark with your reader and make sure you’re writing to the right age.How to get going, using writing prompts providedHow to get to know your main characterHow to plot a great storyWhat editors wish writers knewFive good tools that can get you into bad trouble

Whether you’re a first time or advanced writer, you’ll love how inspirational and educational How to Write a Children’s Book is, and how much it helps you! All the way to the very end, where you’ll find

• Your Organization Checklist

• Character and Settings Checklist

• Sentence Structure Checklist

• Mechanics Checklist

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  1. Super helpful and insightful I’m just getting started with the idea of writing a children’s book. I found this book and thought it was great. The structure of the book makes it very approachable and allowed me to absorb the content quickly and feel more and more confident that I can do this! 

  2. Very Insightful and Enlightening Book Excellent book on writing for the children’s market. This book is very thorough on the do’s and don’t of writing an effect children’s story. Interview at the end of the book was very enlightening. It gives the reader a good insight into what children’s book publishers are really looking for and how the process works. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who writes for the children’s market, but can also be helpful in the overall story construction for any genre you write for.

  3. Amazing range of information I was a little doubtful about how much help a book could give me, but this book is very practical and made me feel secure about the nuts and bolts of writing for kids – the do’s and dont’s – and then the intracacies of the book publishing business and the best ways to go about getting published. A really good book that covers an amazing range of information.

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