Hill Country Greed: A Joe Robbins Financial Thriller (Volume 1)

The new financial thriller series endorsed by CFOs, high-tech investors, and Austin lovers alikeA tale of greed, lust and murder unfolds amidst the high-tech boom of 1999.Joe Robbins will earn fifty million dollars in Connection Software’s IPO, but he has to keep his job first, which won’t be easy for a couple reasons. First, Gwen Raleigh, the VP of Marketing, wants to bed Joe despite the fact that he’s married. Even worse, a murderer kills a director on the board, which makes Joe a suspect in the eyes of the police.
Can Joe resist the girl, solve the mystery, and bank the money? Don’t bet on it, because the brainy types are rolling him around in the dirt.
Set in Austin, Texas, Hill Country Greed is a feast bursting with the flavors of greed, lust, and obsession. And when you finish the final course you will yearn for another taste.

>>>>>> Glowing reviews from critics and businessmen”fast-paced and engaging, particularly the ever-changing cat-and-mouse games at the story’s peak” – Foreword Clarion Reviews
“a true-to-life picture of the greed, lust and covetousness that occurs during times of corporate largesse” – Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer
“It brings to mind the raw fatalism of noir crime stories of old, but with a modern sophisticated hero who is searching for answers in the streets and neighborhoods of Austin.” – Wade Monroe, Angel Investor, Austin, Texas
“a refreshing change from the many retired spy/assassin stories” – Michael Durham, Independent Corporate Director 

>>>>>> Joe Robbins returns in BOOK TWO and BOOK THREEGet hooked on Joe Robbins: freelance CFO. He’s good with numbers, has a history with boxing and guns, and nearly always does the right thing.
In Hill Country Rage Joe Robbins must dodge drug cartels and the D.E.A. on his harrowing quest for revenge.
In Hill Country Siren (Coming March 2016) Joe Robbins is hired to evaluate a rock star’s finances and finds himself on the trail of a serial killer.
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  1. Very fast paced, entertaining read with great details about Austin, Texas and the venture capital scene In Hill Country Greed, the action starts immediately and engages the reader throughout the tale. I read it in two days, and found it hard to put down. Joe Robbins is a hard-charging chief financial officer who sees Connection Software as his chance to strike it rich in the Austin, Texas start-up scene. His carefully-crafted plans take an unexpected turn as the action takes hold and he is soon faced with a series of events and challenges that persuade him to rethink his priorities…

  2. Don’t Miss This One! If you like thrillers, and even if you don’t, you’ll love this book. First of all, the protagonist, Joe Robbins is a highly skilled and complex character. He is a family man as his relationship with his young daughters shows. I hesitate to say that this relationship with his girls is “endearing” because I don’t want to give you the wrong impression – he is hard as nails in a lot of ways. He knows his way around the board room and he knows martial arts. (He knows his way around the…

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