For Richer, Not Poorer: The Money Book for Couples

Money matters are some of the most difficult areas for spouses to approach in an open and honest way. They are also some of the leading causes of breakups and divorces. This innovative, life-changing book will forever improve readers’ relationship as a couple by teaching them budgeting and money-management techniques that will last a lifetime. Whether readers have been together for many years, a few years or are just starting out, this book will show them how to permanently resolve all their money issues.

Its unique approach does not offer a quick fix, but, rather, an evolutionary process that will teach readers how to make their money life work in a way that fosters a strong, committed, lifelong partnership. Readers will learn how to work together in a financial partnership focused on budget and cash flow. Even as their life as a couple changes and the numbers in their budget fluctuate, readers will be able to effectively employ the methods, strategies and skills they learn in this book for a lifetime.

This book identifies the three communication responses couples use that do not work to create a long-term financial partnership, the four cornerstones of a healthy money partnership, the two absolute rules of budgeting, the three negative consequences that result from living without defined couple goals and what your mutual values are. It provides a step-by-step structure for developing a workable budget that both members of the couple are committed to emotionally and intellectually. In addition, readers will find this book readily accessible and easy to read. It presents case studies from the author’s consultation practice, along with examples and step-by-step practical instructions that all readers will be able to use in their day-to-day life as a couple. The case studies will encourage readers and help them see that they are not alone; the concise, easy-to-use information will show them why thousands of couples have benefited–and continue to benefit–from the author’s unique approach to money management for couples.

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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  1. #1 Marriage Saver!! THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!! I can not emphisize enough how this book significantly impacted my marriage and my life. My husband and I had seen marriage councelors and therapists and the arguing about money, and building resentment never really went away. By chance I happened to see an article in a local paper’s bridal section about money problems in marriage. It recommended this book-which I had never heard of before. I am totally amazed that all of the trained psychologists didn’t have the insight that this woman has…

  2. Spending plan for Two This book offers detailed direction for couples to set up and follow through on money management. Many books offer a quip here or there to account for two checkbooks. This author takes you through step by step. The truth is that many households have two wage earners or at least two money handlers. Coordinating spending is difficult. I have read numerous books on this topic and this one stands out to me. 

  3. Best budget book ever! At first I was put off by the main title of this book. However, I soon realized that the title of the book wasn’t talking about becoming richer materialistically as much as it is talking about your relationship! 

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