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What is so important about copy? Isn’t it just a verbiage created to explain a product? Sure, copy can be used simply as a filler, something to take up the space, a general unenthusiastic explanation of who you are or what you have to offer. Used correctly, however, effective copy can make all the difference in a product or business and can turn a browser into a buyer with just a few words.

What makes copy, copy and why is it so important? Simply put, copy is text that serves a purpose other than informative. Its objective is to sell a product, business or idea to the reader and it can exist in almost any type of media. Copy is all around us. It’s on billboards, its in commercials, the back of books and at this very moment, it is right in front of your eyes.

The role copy plays in the marketing and advertising of your product or business should not be overlooked. It’s purpose is it draw in attention and capture it long enough to make an impact on the reader. If positioned correctly (which I’ll show you in the book) that impact will directly lead to a positive impact on your business, be that measured in sales, subscribers or visits.

It is important to recognize the uniqueness of copywriting and understand that it is a SKILL. A skill that must be learnt, practiced and perfected if you wish to make the most of often limited and restricted space. My goal is simple. I’m going to teach you exactly how to become a Copywriting MASTER that will be able to generate effective, well-crafted content for just about anything. By utilizing a few sneaky tricks that will literally put you in control of your audience, you’ll have the direct impact from your marketing that you have always wanted.

This book will become your Copywriting BIBLE. After implementing the techniques and strategies I outline in this book, I guarantee you will begin to experience measurable results almost instantaneously. Quit throwing money down the drain creating marketing and advertising media that is not optimized with effective copy and learn how to write copy like a pro with this book TODAY!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Why Copy Is So Important To Your Product or BusinessLocation, Location, Location – Where To Place Your Copy & HowCopywriting Outline Creation – How To Map Out the Implementation of Your CopySneaky Tricks To Turn Browser Into Buyers With Just a Few WordsCopywriting For Building Brand Loyalty – Next Level CopyMuch, much more!

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We are so confident that the methods outlined in this book will help you successfully create awesome copy that if you are not fully satisfied with your results, simply let us know and we will provide a 100% full refund. That’s right, a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! What reason do you have to not give this book a try?

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Recommended book in Copywriting This book will teach you how to write a good copy for a certain product and there are also examples and explanations in every tips, techniques and methods that will guide you when you start creating or writing your own copy or content for the ad of the product you want to sell. Ethical considerations are also included so for those who are a total beginner when it comes to copywriting specially on web, this book will be helpful.

  2. A must for copywriters and marketers in general! This is a perfect book for all those who desire to start their own writing careers or those who need to engage in the activity like the online freelancers writers/copywriters. It provides encouragement and a basic understanding of the issues at play as well as some of the techniques that are useful and available. Very informative and useful. It’s priceless when you are stuck in your writing and you need to consult one of the masters. 

  3. Become a pro For those who are interested in copywriting for a profession this book will be a very good reading material. You will learn a lot about the topic. The book is well written and I didn’t find anything wrong with it. The author did a good job with it. You will get a better understanding at the core of what you need so your pieces are the best. Things like purpose and nature of copywriting, the different styles along with their function, ethical considerations, research techniques and even…

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