Bookmaking: Editing, Design, Production (Third Edition)

The third edition aims to provide a complete guide to bookmaking, and includes discussion of the fundamental changes that the computer has had on the overall process.

The unchallenged bible of the publishing industry, Bookmaking is the introduction to editing, design, and production for newcomers, acclaimed as the premier text for students as well as a comprehensive reference for experienced hands. First issued in 1965 and revised in 1979, it has now been thoroughly reorganized and updated to reflect the profound changes in the bookmaking process and in publishing practices in the twenty-first century.

The computer-centered method of getting from the author’s conception to completed print-or electronic-book has come to dominate publishing, involving not only the setting of type but also the preparation of manuscripts, editing, illustration creation and processing, page makeup, color separation, and preparation for printing. Even more significant than its use for these individual procedures is the computer’s role in creating an integrated system that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Covering all the publishing processes up to distribution, Bookmaking addresses the needs of publishing professionals, whether they do the work themselves in-house or have it done to their specifications by outside suppliers. But this new edition is not only about technological change; all aspects of bookmaking have been reconsidered. The text that served the industry for nearly three decades has been updated where appropriate, while still providing the unchanging facts and principles of book craft.

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  1. New Edition of a Classic One of the best texts on the production of books is “Bookmaking” by Marshall Lee. The second edition is more than twenty years old, but the third edition was just published. It covers virtually all topics, from word-processing to book printing, and everything in between. Most importantly, it shows how the computer has changed the publishing world.  

  2. A classic, updated Ignore the review complaining about the long wait for the 3rd edition. The 3rd is here and it’s great. I have a core library of titles that I recommend to folks who are seriously interested in the real process of publishing, not the polyanna version sold to vanity publishers. This book is essential reading for understanding the broad scope of the publishing process. The chapters on production are particularly useful.

  3. A sound manual that continues to be considered the ‘bible’ of the industry The publishing industry has been experiencing rapid changes in both technology and the marketplace these past few years. Now in a newly updated and significantly expanded third edition, “Bookmaking: Editing/Design/Production” continues to be the premiere instruction manual and reference for the publishing of books. Of special value for those new to publishing or who aspire to become publishers, “Bookmaking” covers every aspect of manuscript editing, book design, and the printing/binding…

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