Book Review: Where We Belong


I picked Emily Giffin’s book from the library.  I was intrigued by the plot, wanting something light but with substance.  I really like this book.

First off, Emily Giffin reminds me of a less intense Jodi Picoult.  I read the plot lines of many of her books before picking up “Where We Belong”.  I like them because she has a presents a surface view with underlying complexities including insecurity, lies and love which emerge through the story.  In other words, she presents situations which mirror real life and characters who are as unreadable as flesh and bone people.

I have to say, I immediately like Marian Caldwell, the main character in this book.  Her life is neat and tidy and she lives the dream many women of same generation want.   She’s smart and fallible, too.  She’s only living one version of herself, having stuffed the other versions away for they have no use.  Until her birth daughter finds her and the story unfolds.

I think I’m older than Emily Giffin but her references to the awesome time of grunge music and 80’s movies make me feel a warm hug.  Her description of first love – young love – is truthful and bold.  I really liked all of the characters and felt there was depth to them except the perfect Manhattan boyfriend.  But I think he was supposed to be lacking.  Some real people also lack depth and we often believe it’s our deficit that makes us feel odd around them.  This is one of many realizations Marian has.

I’m always curious about writers and was tickled to learn that Emily Giffin was a lawyer before she left that world to write professionally.  I am so happy she did.  If you like Jodi Picoult but find her plot lines too painful and intense yet still desire the same juxtapositions in a lighter form, pick up one of Emily Giffin’s novels.  I think she provides a nice escape.  She provides good story telling and technically is a good writer which is a nice mix.


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