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050316SomethingBorrowedAfter reading Where We Belong by Emily Giffin, I consider myself a fan.  I picked up Something Borrowed and Something Blue.  Giffin is an entertaining writer who wastes no time on detail.  The characters, while not one dimensional, are not people she spends pages describing and analyzing.  She is to the point which creates a relaxing reading experience.  This all said, I despised each character in Something Borrowed. 

The main character, Rachel, is a smart, under confident woman with no life outside of her job at a Manhattan law firm.  Her best friend is the shallow, ever beautiful Darcy who snagged Rachel’s dream man and is going to marry him.  The women are so close and know each other so well but what should be a mostly healthy friendship is a dysfunctional mess.  I really wanted to like one of them but I didn’t.  This is a tribute to Giffin and I wonder if she likes any of the characters in the book.  I hope so, otherwise I don’t know how she carried on to the end.

The story unfolds with betrayal including affairs and secrets.  It’s tiring and Rachel, for all of her brilliance, disappointed me, the reader.  She never quite came through.  I expected one of the friends to come through and show respect and integrity but neither did in my mind.  I wanted to slap both of them and expound upon how much they deserve one another despite outward differences.

I did like a couple of the side characters, Marcus and Hillary, and I hope Giffin will do more with one or both of them in books to come (if she hasn’t already).  There is a movie adaptation of the book which I’m actually curious to see.  It looks like Kate Hudson is Darcy which doesn’t fit because Darcy is brunette and tall.  You never know.  I wasn’t going to read the sequel, Something Blue, because I was so irritated by Something Borrowed.  I almost donated it to the library but I’m reading it now.  It’s more about Darcy so we’ll see how it goes.  I really do want to like someone from this fictional universe.

This all said, Giffin is still a favorite author of mine and I’ll keep buying her books.  Anyone who can write about such deplorable, petty people has some serious dedication to her story and I respect this more than anything.


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