Book Review: Me Who Dove Into the Heart of the World

I found this book on the shelf in the library.  I was wandering, reaching for random books hoping to find a treasure and I did.

Beautiful is the first and most prominent adjective to describe this story.  It’s different from anything I’ve ever read.  The characters are real and imperfect.  The setting is breathtaking.  Karen is an unlikely heroine yet so authentic.  She is lacking in major ways yet so far ahead in others; she is a personification of the human condition.  I fell in love with her immediately.

The original depth of Sabina Berman’s writing would make me jealous except that it changed my life.  This was the type of book one cannot put down but also hates to finish because few compare.  I ordered several copies from Amazon so I’d have my very own copy.  I also wanted some very close friends to have this book as a gift.

I assumed Sabina Berman had more books but this is the only one so far.  I am so grateful that I dove into the heart of her book.  Three months later and I still think about it and each time I do, I think: Beautiful.


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I’m an unpublished writer.

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