Blood Faerie (Caledonia Fae)

Unjustly sentenced to death, Eilidh ran–away from faerie lands, to the streets of Perth, Scotland. Just as she has grown accustomed to exile, local police discover a mutilated body outside the abandoned church where she lives. Recognising the murder as the work of one of her own kind, Eilidh must choose: flee, or learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything.

The Caledonia Fae Fantasy Book Series

The modern tale begins in Perth, Scotland, where a police constable chases a serial killer, only to discover the crime has roots in the supernatural, a paranormal reality he never knew existed. During his murder investigation, contact with a mysterious woman stirs his dormant druidic powers, changing his life forever. She, and the killer, are fae. In this bestselling urban and epic fantasy book series, humans are plucked from Scotland, England, The Netherlands, Germany, The United States, Australia, and elsewhere and transported into the faerie realm. They learn to build a new life, tame their magic, even find love, all while facing danger, murder, kidnapping, and chaos. Those who survive will usher a new era into the Otherworld.

Book 1: Blood Faerie
Book 2: Azuri Fae
Book 3: Enemy of the Fae
Book 4: Druid Lords
Book 5: Elder Druid
Book 6: Age of Druids

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  1. Didn’t quite do it for me. Another Urban Fantasy/Bad-ass Heroine/Romance story that cant really decide which direction it wants to go so tries to do everything and ends up not doing anything particularly well. Follow a Mystery Detective plot? but then we cant fit in the romance and fantasy so we’ll cut it short and rush it. Follow the romance? not enough room to really develop the attraction between the two leads so we’ll cut it short with a magic ‘bond’. Female lead is hardcore? but then the male lead doesn’t have…

  2. A not very good start to a good collection This book started very slowly for me, yet having some enticing elements here and there. It was difficult to keep reading and, to be frank, I only persist because the book was a friend’s recommendation and I promised myself that I would at least read half the book before quitting. 

  3. A Fantastic Read! Blood Faerie by India Drummond is the first book in the series ” The Caledonia Fae”, and by far the best books I have read with regards to the realm of the Fae. The Urban fantasy market is flooded with books that are easy to read and no substance. How fortunate for us that Blood Faerie is not one of those stories. This is a fantastic novel tells the story of Eilidh, one of the Fae that has been exiled into the human world. Eilidh who gives off a childlike innocence when it comes to the human…

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