Blaze Dvd Copy / Turbo Backup

Make quality backup copies of DVD movies and safeguard your data

Blaze DVD Copy plus TurboBackup 2-Pack togetheron one disk!  Blaze DVD Copy is DVD copy software to backup all of your DVDs.  Protect yourself from hardware crashes and virus attacks with TurboBackup – a secure backup and recovery software solution  for your home.

Blaze DVD Copy

Blaze DVD Copy is a DVD movie copy utility with easy usage and fast copy speed.  With just one click of the mouse, you can make a perfect backup copy of any DVD movie. Create perfect 1:1 copies that work with most popular home DVD players.  Blaze DVD Copy is so flexible, you can select copy mode, source file, and target file.  The source and target file can either be DVD disc, movie folder, or ISO file saveon your PC.

The fast powerful transcode engine can even compress a DVD-9 movie to fit onto one regular DVD-5 blank disc.  Supports all popular DVD-5/DVD-9 discs and multiple copy modes: copy the whole DVD, copy main movie only withextras and special features omitted, copy only favorite title/chapter/subtitles/audio, you can even customize the target DVD video size to fit your disc.  Note: Blaze DVD Copy does not support copying CSS-encrypted and region-protected moviediscs.


Real DVD movie clone by 1:1, original Video and Audio quality Backup copy is same as the original DVD movie but without warning screen and watermarkBuilt in video compression engine – fit a DVD-9 movie onto a DVD-5 disc Custom target movie size Personalize your DVD movie, copy just favorite title/chapter/subtitle/audio Make mainmovie only copies, remove unnecessary intros, menus, a

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  1. Fraud The Turbo Backup part of the disk is fine. If you are purchasing this to copy and backup your DVD collection, don’t. This is a trial version of the Blaze Copy software and if you want to use it after the two week trial period it will cost you an additional $49.99.

  2. Turbo FLUNK — you must guess ENDING disk size This review excludes the Blaze DVD program. My computer guys use that program, but I wrote Blaze at their website to query about its programs maybe 10-15 days ago, and never heard a reply. Since I told them my computer guys like Blaze but Blaze didn’t reply, I won’t want to get involved with them now. 

  3. I like it I downloaded and tried 10 backup programs today. I am preparing for a rebuild and was looking for a backup program that would do normal backups, differential backups, and scheduled differential backups. XP backup (ntbackup) works well but I had to create a password for my Windows logon so booting up always took two steps. Norton is bloated and does not perform differential backups. StorageSync works well for syncing and for creating non-compressed duplicate files but had no scheduling…

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