Become A Successful Author

The publishing industry has shifted 180° in the decade Deatri has worked in it. The traditional route is no longer the only way to become a legitimate published author, and self-publishing is no longer a dirty little secret. As an author, should you travel the traditional or self-published route?

Become A Successful Author does not tell you to pick one over the other or pit one against the other. Become A Successful Author gives you steps to capitalize on the strengths of both to build a strong brand readers can’t get enough of.

What is branding? How do you grow a large, loyal reader base? How do you break into traditional publishing? How do you publish your backlist? How do you format a book? How do you find your target audience? How do you market your books? It’s all in there and a whole lot more.

With the advances in technology, anyone can be a published author, but not all authors are successful. Keep your focus: Increase quality, credibility and visibility of your brand.

Become a successful author.
Chapter One: In The Beginning Branding
Chapter Two: Learn The Craft Read, Read, Read and Read Some More Writing Conferences/Events Writing Organizations Mentor Critique Groups Constructive and Destructive Criticism Continuing Education Writing Coach
Chapter Three: Manuscript Draft Get to Writing Concept To Draft Concept To Rumination To Draft Concept to Outline to Draft Ramifications Writer’s Block Handwritten, Audio, Word Processor First Draft Complete Second Draft First Showing Feedback
Chapter Four: Types of Editors Choosing An Editor Developmental Editors Copy Editors Proofreaders
Chapter Five: Developmental Editing The Basics Transitions Repetition Opening Hook Characterization Continuity Point Of View (POV) Dialogue Plot Setting Show Versus Tell Pacing Conflict Technique Scenes and Chapters Research Internet Library Museums Documentaries and Educational Shows Subject-Matter Experts (SME) Artistic License Reaction To Edits Edits Complete
Chapter Six: Submission Packet The Submission Process Query Letter Taking On the Synopsis Arrival Mistakes Submission Mistakes
Chapter Seven: Agents, Publishing Houses Agents Publishing Houses ePublishers and Independent Publishers
Chapter Eight: Self-Publishing
Chapter Nine: Cover Cover Considerations Populated Covers Cover Images Back Cover The Spine
Chapter Ten: Interior Content Formatting eBook Formatting Print Book Formatting
Chapter Eleven: eBook Conversion Programs eBook Submission
Chapter Twelve: Print Book Submission
Chapter Thirteen: Price and Stuff Book Price Royalties Copyright International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Bar Code Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN)
Chapter Fourteen: Marketing & Promotion Target Audience Author Website Website Statistics Blog Mailing List Grow Your Mailing List Types of Mailing Lists Network Online Group Author Central Appearances Interviews Book Signings Book Discussions Event Announcements Social Media Death By Social Media Negativity Reviews Paying For Reviews Review Publications Review Teams/Sites Book Clubs/Reader Groups Individuals Bad Reviews And Review Issues Should You Conduct Book Reviews? Endorsements Amazon Tagging Book Trailer™ Business Cards Advertising Space $0.99 eBooks Conferences and Reader/Writer Events Six Weeks
Chapter Fifteen: Tasks and Goals Conclusion

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we'll navigate the path to publishing success.

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Blueprint for success Become A Successful Author is a literary bible. Award-winning author and freelance editor, Deatri King-Bey, has assembled information for authors that is the literary equivalent of a blueprint—a blueprint for success. Whether traditional or self-published (or a combination thereof), authors need to have the same knowledge. What is branding? What are the different types of editing? What is Point Of View (POV)? How do I write a query letter? How do I submit an eBook? This book…

  2. A Must Have Reference Guide I’m always looking for something to help me move along with my writing/publishing journey. I stumbled upon the “Become a Successful Author” blog and after reading a little information decided to purchase the book. This is definitely one to grow on. The book was easy to follow and the author even had some fun with it by giving you a little chuckle every now and then. 

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