A Couple Pet Peeves and Pass the Doritos

I try to be tolerant and respectful because I want the same in return.  I don’t understand most people but they have a right to be here, right?  Just like I do.  Yet, there are two topics that when broached, make me abandon my better intentions and spiral into hate filled, internal ranting.  And I just want a couple types of people to shut up about a couple types of things.  Here we go.AtheistPotsmokerImage102315

Atheists: I don’t care if you don’t believe in god or another divine being.  I don’t care if you think we end when our hearts stop beating. I’m totally fine with what you believe I just don’t need to know what you believe.  Can you please shut up about it?  With the recent comeuppance of atheists is the accompanying arrogance that I know so well from many “Christians”.  Can’t we just keep our beliefs to ourselves?

I’m sure of very few things but what I feel pretty sure of is that not one human knows what goes on when our bodies stop living.  I like to discuss the idea philosophically but that’s hardly possible.  I’ve become accustomed to the resident Christian who has to note his life by the bible even if it doesn’t apply to the conversation topic. (Did you know religions begin as cults until enough people follow, changing from CULT to NORM? I think that’s interesting.)  He is always there to outshine my little agnostic self.  The atheist, however, will take some getting used to.  The atheist is usually a scientist who uses scientific facts to support his beliefs and makes it clear that anyone who still believes in anything other than nothing is stupid.  In my mind the scientific facts support ongoing life beyond our bodies, at least in the form of energy.  Energy changes but does not die.  So who’s to say the energy is not part of a central life force connecting us all?  No one can prove one way or the other.  That’s the kicker so it’s important to shut up unless you can prove, beyond any question, that I am GONE DADDY GONE without my body as an anchor.

Be an atheist, be smarter than everyone and be content knowing this is your one and only life.  I’m totally fine with it.  You aren’t proving one thing by making your beliefs known to everyone in your presence just like the Christian can’t prove what he believes.  In the end it’s all conspiracy theory fodder so spare me!  Please!  Just pass the Doritos.

Pot smokers:  Shut up!  Why do you have to bring it up in every conversation?  Is it that big of a deal?  I don’t smoke weed regularly and I don’t care if you do.  I am always surprised at how many people smoke it because I considered it a phase in my life but other than that, I don’t need or want to know if you smoke it.  I won’t report you and I don’t think you are a rebel for smoking it.  If you need it for medicinal purposes, then go to the medical marijuana place and get it.  Pretend it’s a trip to Circle K and you are buying a soda.  Does a soda purchase need to be broadcast?  NO!  Neither does your pot smoking, relative buying habits or legitimate need of the mellowing effect.  It’s not interesting!

I think some people think it’s funny and cool that they smoke weed.  I’m bored by the outdated image they seem to cling on to related to pot smokers.  And with the legalization of marijuana in every state heading down the pike, it’s even less funny and cool.  It’s mainstream.  Pot smokers, you are mainstream and boring so deal with that.  You referencing your pot smoking is like me discussing my trip to Sprouts: it’s a regular uneventful event in the average American’s life. We both watch “Friends” reruns after our respective trips.  Even if you get your high from pot brownies you’ve become standard.

I beg all states to legalize so the pot smokers can go to the head shops and talk about pot smoking with one another.  Willy Nelson is the only person I appreciate when he mentions his pot smoking and I don’t know why that is….maybe because he’s smoked since age 6 or maybe it’s because he has braids.  The rest of you?  Please shut up about it. Just go get stoned.  Maybe you can find an atheist to impress.  Either way, pass the Doritos.

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I’m an unpublished writer.

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