5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids)

“Filled with photographs, this beautifully designed book is organized into two-page spreads that each focus on a different topic, making it easy and fun to read.” –Redding.com

Presenting the next must-have, fun-filled gift book from the team that created Ultimate Weird But True, 5,000 Cool Facts About Everything treats kids to brain candy and eye candy all rolled into one treasure trove of high-interest fascinating facts.

Lively and information-packed, this book is literally busting its covers with fascinating, fun-tastic facts on super, sensational topics that kids love. Who knew that there were so many sweet things to learn about chocolate or that a dozen delicious details about peanut butter would show up on a page with a few splotches of jelly to whet our appetites? Keep turning and a terrifyingly toothy shark tells you all about himself, while other spreads lay out tons of tips on toys and games, mysteries of history, robots and reptiles, sports and spies, wacky words, and so much more! A visual feast of colorful photographs surrounded by swirling, tipping, expanding, and climbing bits of information in a high-energy design, this book will satisfy both the casual browser and the truly fact obsessed.

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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  1. Well Done But Heads Up. Overall this book is excellent – the pictures, the content, the excitement that jumps off of every page. One of our favorite things about this book is how it has inspired questions and discussions between our children and my wife and I about various subjects. We love seeing our kids learning about not only new things but also things that really fascinate them and excite them about life. 

  2. My Kids Can’t Put It Down! In this day and age when you can’t get most 10-year-olds to step away from the video games, 5,000 Awesome Facts is a rare gem. My kids are actually fighting over the book! Their aunt gave them this on Friday and they’ve been consumed by it ever since. Even my son who would normally rather go to the dentist than read. Well done, NG Kids. I can’t wait to check out Ultimate Weird But True!

  3. Awesome book! My 7-year-old son has both 5,000 Awesome Facts and Ultimate Weird But True, and he loves them both–he’s crazy for facts. The books are completely different from one another and both fantastic. 5,000 Awesome Facts About Everything is just that. It has facts on flight, pets, food, space junk, movies, Australia, and more and more. There’s a fact ticker, so you can count up the facts as you go. My son really loved the facts on spies, especially the one about Perry the Platypus…

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