5 Minute eBay Descriptions That Sell: How To Make Money Selling Items On eBay More Efficiently Using Highly-Effective eBay Copy Writing Tactics, Simple … Huge Amounts of Time When Listing on eBay


“Robert, WOW! You’ve done it again! eBay Selling Tips is the mother lode: an A-Z book that packs a punch for anyone with stuff to sell and not much time to sell it! Written for dummies or advanced, you’ve included everything – it’s the bible for writing compelling ads. If anyone wants to make a wad of cash on eBay, they need to keep a copy close by!”

Mari Smith ~ Infopreneur and Success Coach

“…a masterpiece deserving special place in the market among the various books about eBay. Why? Because this book is of tremendous practical help to eBay sellers. The author makes the point in his introduction that there are major challenges with marketing and making money on eBay and now he helps others easily overcome the hurdles that limit their cash flow and profits.

As always, Robert Boduch over-delivers. He shows how eBay sellers can become super-sellers, securing bigger profits through their successful listings relying on super ads. Attached to the golden, practical ideas and approaches generously offered are ‘before and after’ benefits — which make this book unique. The author also paints a clear picture of the eBay reality, explaining why eBay it is a world leader in Internet selling. This kind of knowledge is crucial for approaching eBay in the most effective way.

As a side benefit, readers not only learn eBay Selling Tips, but what makes advertising effective in general. Buyers will obtain the knowledge which allows them also to start creating irresistibly responsive ads in other fields of marketing.

The writing style provides a smooth, easy flow that makes reading enjoyable. It’s a short, 160-page volume, but readers will discover many tips and strategies available to everyone to open the gate to maximum profits on eBay.”

Stefan Pecho, PhD.
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Anyone can sell on eBay… and everyone should. But take the time to learn the basics first.

Did you know that the single most important factor to success on eBay is WHAT you have to offer? That’s right. Sell what other people really want and you’ve given yourself a huge advantage.

It used to be that you could list anything here and it would fetch good — sometime outrageously good money. But for most of us, those days are gone.

Offer what people want and present it with a compelling description. That’s how you attract lots of bids and eager buyers — driving your selling prices and profits higher. And that’s exactly what eBay Selling Tips is all about.

In this book, you’ll learn:

* A simple, 2-minute solution to uncovering all the product information you need to write a dynamite eBay description – on the spot! (I guarantee you this: anyone struggling to write a 5-minute listing simply missed this crucial first step)

* REVEALED! The 2 most important things every potential buyer MUST know about you before placing a bid… and how to address both issues quickly and decisively

* The one secret of communication you must use to capture your prospect’s attention… keep ’em interested… and motivate these qualified potential buyers to take the action they need to take to get what they want

* Secrets top publications like the Wall Street Journal use to keep readers reading and how you can apply these simple – but extremely effective – techniques instantly

* How to build your own audience of enthusiastic customers who can’t wait to hear what you have to offer next.(It’s the secret to getting 10 times as many visitors and creating tons of excitement!)

* Why first impressions mean everything to your results. (Here’s how to create an attention-grabbing eBay listing that stops prospects cold – and then warmly pulls them inside.)

* 5 “no-brainer” ways to write a small eBay listing that makes a BIG impression!

* and much MORE!

Nanci Arvizu, Writing and Reviews Editor

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Write, Publish, Promote. Words I am learning to live by. Want this to be your motto too? Join me and together we’ll navigate the path to publishing success.


  1. Great Buy! This is one of the most descriptive books when it comes to writing copy that sells on eBay. The author really gets the mentality of most eBay buyers, and even goes so far as to give great examples. I’m hooked, and I feel like I’m going to be making a lot more online…

  2. Key information for any seller I have been a seller on eBay since 2003. Often when I list a product I find it gets very few hits, few watchers and even fewer bidders. This book helps to discover what you should be describing in your product description so you can nail that sale. Descriptions that can be written down in five minutes. Very effective book.

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